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The last 15 years have seen some interesting innovations in AM antenna system design. These innovations include Professor Al Christman’s work on elevated radial ground systems and his Parasol antenna design, Grant Bingeman’s1 slant wire radiator directional antenna implementation and urban antenna designs, Valentin Trainotti’s2 work on vertical dipoles, CTI’s own work on the Umbrella antenna and evaluation of other compact antenna designs as well as new products such as Kintronic Labs KinStar antenna. Documentation and accurate analysis of these, and other designs, are necessary to allow the Federal Communications Commission, and other regulatory agencies, to accept these designs. CTI endeavors to place material of interest to prospective medium wave antenna users on this site.

  • An Innovative AM Radiator Design Employing Radiating Guy Wires/AM Antenna System Technology Update


1 Continental Electronics, Dallas, Texas.
2 Bernardo de Irigoyen 6502o 10, 1072 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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